SP Terms and Acronyms

Ever wonder what VOAC and BBBJ mean? Us neither! But how about MSOG or OWOTC? Well here is a great reference of popular sp terms, abbreviations, and acronyms that will not only help you navigate the review boards but also talk covertly with service providers. And who said learning wasn't fun?


AMP: Asian massage parlor

analingus: orally pleasuring the anus.

ATM: ass to mouth. Tongue, toy, schlong, or finger goes from ass to mouth.

attempts: trying to orgasm.

Aunt Flo: menstruation, period.


B&S: bait and switch. Person who shows up is a different one than advertised.

babyback: petite, young, attractive Asian.

back-door: anal sex. Also see “greek”.

balloons: breast implants.

BB: bareback, without condom.

BJ: blowjob, oral sex, or fellatio.

BBBJ: bareback blowjob. Oral sex without a condom.

BBBJCIM: bareback blowjob cum/completion in mouth.

BBBJTC: bareback blowjob to completion.


BBBJCIMSW: bareback blowjob to completion in mouth with swallow.

BBBJTCNQNS: bareback blowjob to completion, no quit, no spit.

BBBJTCWS: bareback blowjob to completion with swallow. See “bird watching”.

BBBJWF: bareback blowjob with facial.

BBFS: bareback full-service. Generally blowjob and sex without a condom.

BBW: big beautiful woman.

BCD: behind closed doors.

BDSM: bondage, discipline, sado-masochism.

BF: boyfriend.

BFE: boyfriend experience.

BFF: best friends forever.

bird watching: see “BBBJTCWS”.

BLS: ball licking and sucking.

blue jay: blowjob.

blue pill: Viagra.

BSB: bus stop babe.

butter-face: everything looks good but her face.


cash-and-dash: provider who takes ones money and runs before servicing.

CBJ: covered blowjob. A blowjob with a condom.

CC Rider: full-service provider costing $200 or less.

CD: cross dresser.

CDS: covered doggy-style.

CFS: covered full-service. Generally blowjob and sex with condom.

CIM: cum/completion in mouth.

Cleveland-steamer: defecation on ones chest.

cunnilingus: orally stimulating the va-jay-jay.


DATO: dining at the O. See “analingus”.

DATY: dining at the Y. See “cunnilingus”.

DDP: double-digit penetration. l and anal penetration with fingers.

digits: fingers in the holy-of-holies.

donation: payment for services.

doubles: A threesome with two girls/guys and yourself.

DDE: doesn't do extras. Provider offers advertised services only.

DDG: drop dead gorgeous.

DFK: deep French kissing. Open mouth kiss with tongue.

DIY: do it yourself. Masturbation.


ESP: Erotic Services Post. Formerly a classified ad for prostitution on Craigslist’s Erotic Services category. Now extinct.


facial: cumming on partner's face.

FBSM: full body sensual massage.

FIV: finger in vag.

FOV: finger outside la vagin.

FS: full service. Blowjob and intercourse relatif au vagin.


get brain: blow job.

GFE: girlfriend experience. See “BBBJ”, “CFS”, “DFK”, “DATY”, and “MSOG”. Typically involves all of the above.

GND: girl next door.

greek: anal sex. Also see “back-door”.

GS: golden showers. Urination play.

GSM: g-spot massage. Also see “prostate”.


happy ending: A handjob (usually) or blowjob after your massage

hardwood floors: clean shaven honey pot.

HJ: hand job. Also see “’ol fashioned”.

HH: half hour. Relating to how long a session will last.

HM: high mileage.

HME: honeymoon experience. lapdog heaven


italian: rubbing Alabama black snake between butt cheeks.


JAW: Jewish American Whore. Can refer to either the most mind-blowing, extreme, no-limits Escort one has ever encountered, or the very worst mediocre SP with a snotty attitude imaginable.



LK: light kissing. Closed mouth, no tongue. Also see “DFK”.


MBR: multiple bell ringing. Multiple releases/orgasms.

MP: massage parlor.

MP: multiple pops. Multiple releases. Also see “SOG” & “MSOG”.

MSOG: multiple shots on goal. Multiple releases/orgasms.


NWR: Nun With Ruler. Particular form or role-play corporeal abuse and degradation enjoyed by former Separate School Board students.


‘ol fashioned: handjob.

OWO: oral without condom. See “BBBJ”.

OWOTC: oral without condom to completion. See “BBBJCIM”.


pomposexual: insecure client who only patronizes young, “upscale” escorts because of his need to impress others and fit in to perceived social expectations.

prostate: prostate massage, Also see “GSM”.

provider: escort, sex worker, prostitute.

PSE: porn star experience. Generally involves a variety of sexual positions, dirty talk, “CIM”, “facial”.


QOE: Queen Of England. Escort who thinks her shit don’t stink


raincoat: condom.

rimming: see “analingus”.

reverse massage: client massages service provider.

ROB: rip-off bitch.

russian: rubbing ones wang between breasts, also known as titty fucking.


self-service: you masturbate.

shill: an insider posing as a satisfied customer, giving glowing reviews online.

SOG: shot on goal. Single release/orgasm.

SOMF: sat on my face.

south of the border: genital region.

SP: service provider. Escort, prostitute.

spanish: see “ATM”.

spinner: very petite, thin girl.

STD: sexually transmitted disease.

teabag: man dips balls in partners mouth.


TG: transgender.

TGTBT: too good to be true.

tossing salad: see “analingus”.

TOFTT: take one for the team. In reference to a new, non-reviewed provider.

TS: transsexual.

TV: transvestite.


UBF: UniBrow Freak. SP with particularly Neanderthal features. Quite often Portuguese. Niche fetish.


VIP: Very Insecure Pompousexual. A man who only patronizes overpriced upscale SPs because he thinks others will be impressed

VOAC: Volume of a cylinder -- amount of displacement created by insertion of a cylindrical object. VOAC is determined by the following formula: πr2 x length.


WE: Wife Experience. Escort who ignores patron for the duration of the session, but still takes his money.


XWE: Ex-Wife Experience. Escort who ignores patron for the duration of the session, and then takes all of his money and his house.


YMMV: your mileage may vary. Your service level may be different than reported by others. Applies to everyone, some more so than others.


ZZTB – ZZ Top Bitch: An escort with facial hair or full beard. Quite often Portuguese. Very specialized fetish.


411: seeking information.

420: marijuana friendly.